Enrosadira – the sun theater in the mountains – inspires outdoor brand Maloja

20 4 月, 2022

It often starts at some point on the second day. You shake off all the thoughts weighing on your mind in the valley. Your head is clear, your legs are still fresh, you’ve found the rhythm.

If you’ve ever gone on a multi-day tour on a mountain bike, you know about the moment when all that matters is the here and now. And for many mountain bikers, the supreme discipline of mountain biking is Alpine crossing – ‘Transalp’.

Susa in Piedmont, Italy is the starting point for one of the most demanding Transalp tours. Following high Alpine paths, mountain bikers cross the beautiful landscapes of the Western Alps in six stages before reaching Zermatt in Switzerland as a final destination.

This spectacular journey was enjoyed recently by friends of the German outdoor brand Maloja. They travelled across the area for a few days, wearing the brand’s apparel – including several jerseys treated with Polygiene technology – and photos were taken for the catalogue shoot for Maloja’s spring/summer 2022 collection.

Those on the trip were able to experience magical moments high up in the mountains, setting off when the sun was first shining and ending their bike adventures in the last evening light.

“Safe to say, we saw the beauty and imposing nature of the tall mountains firsthand, metre by metre,” the participants say.

One of the highlights was experiencing ‘Enrosadira’ – the name and inspiration for Maloja’s new collection.

“If you’re travelling around the mountains for several days and can fully immerse yourself in the moment, you intensely notice how the light changes,” the four mountain bikers explain.

“In the morning, the sun still seems shy as it stealthily winks at you from behind the peaks. Then, up to the late afternoon, it grows stronger and stronger until the evening when it finally reaches its unique climax: the Alpenglow – the Enrosadira. The moment when the mountains become a projection screen for the sun and nature plays its most spectacular film. When, after a long day, we think about the next day with a mixture of anticipation and excitement.”

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Nature can be so many things: an escape, inspiration, and stress relief. People who are more connected with nature are usually happier in life.
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Maloja uses Polygiene anti-odor technology in 80 percent of the bike collection.