Silvertek leads the market in the USA for advanced mask design with FDA-listed, Polygiene ViralOff-treated NanoFit Masks

29 10 月, 2020
Polygiene® partner Silvertek® has taken their mask design and quality a step further with FDA-listing for their NanoFit Masks with Polygiene ViralOff® antimicrobial technology.

In the current throng of the pandemic, and as masks are being considered essential wear, it is important to understand who is providing a mask with a certified treatment in regard to efficacy against harmful microbes. Polygiene is excited to partner with U.S. brand Silvertek to provide the award-winning antimicrobial textile treatment ViralOff – proven to reduce 99% of germs within two hours on the mask itself. This is a tested and certified technology per the global standard of ISO18184:2019 against SARS-CoV-2, H3N2 and H1N1.

Months prior to the pandemic, SilverTek was already developing an advanced face mask with their FDA-registered manufacturer. Registration and listing provide the FDA with the location of medical device establishments and the devices manufactured there. Knowing where devices are made increases the nation’s ability to prepare for and respond to public health emergencies.

Unlike most masks on the market, which are being manufactured under Emergency Use Authorizations and with little thought to design, SilverTek had the benefit of time and experience to craft their proprietary FDA-listed mask for optimal comfort and breathability. For example, SilverTek discovered early in their mask development that exhalation valves were an unsafe component of mask wear due to their release of the wearer’s unfiltered exhale. For this reason, airlines, many public school districts, and entire regions such as the California Bay Area are now banning masks with valves. While other companies scramble to adjust their mask designs to this, and other standards, SilverTek continues to lead the way in their understanding of proper mask design and consumer trust.

”We wanted to find the best antimicrobial treatment for our NanoFit mask and evaluated numerous companies in the process”, states Silvertek President Ji-mei Ma. Further noting: “We were looking for a partner we could trust – who was environmentally friendly, wellness-conscious, and an established player in the field of antimicrobial technologies. We are glad to have selected Polygiene and have ViralOff® protect our NanoFit Masks.”

”We are excited that ViralOff adds value to an FDA-listed textile mask. In addition to the high antimicrobial performance, these masks will also need less washing* and will therefore last longer, which is good for the user and the environment”, says Ulrika Björk CEO Polygiene.

*For more information on washing habits and Covid-19, read “Survey on viruses, washing and ViralOff®”.


SilverTek USA is a private health company based in Greenwich, Connecticut. It was established in 2016 to invest in wearable tech that is both sleek and functional in the medical and body wellness industry.


SilverTek continues to lead the way in their understanding of proper mask design and consumer trust